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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Rock buns...I have eaten 3 and I am absolutely stuffed. Totally delicious because I followed the receipe to exact. Well, I actually doubled the receipe from my new cook book called 'The Great British Bake Off' which incidently follows the tv series that has just finished. I hope, when Frank comes home, he is going to eat some of them cause my diet is totally ruined today.
I also cooked a 'Cottage Pie' yesterday but put on top of the mashed potatoe some chopped leeks and grated cheese. It was yummy and we have got left overs for dinner tonight. The picture you see is a bit steamy because I wanted to get a photo of it when we first served the meal.
Craft Section now....I finished the Comfort Wrap for Charlotte. I used 9.5 balls of Cygnet Seriously Chunky and I added some tassels too. This is my friend Charlotte modelling it and she loves it. I machine washed it on a wool wash and short spin and used Comfort Exhillarations Softener which smells lovely. I enjoyed using the size 12mm needles but boy did they make my wrists ache. It was a pleasure to make for her though, she is worth it!
All I want now is for someone to make me one please! I have also been busy looking up a lace project that is quite popular lately on ''. If you are an avid knitter or crochet and would like to join, its totally free. There are reviews of designer patterns, free patterns and you can make friends and chat about a whole load of stuff involving around knitting and crochet. I have got over 100 friends on there now because of commenting on peoples projects that they have posted onto 'chat forums' and 'groups' and the best bit is if you want to make something, you just look it up on the 'rav board' and you can get helpful hints and comments. (That's just in case you have difficulty with a project or want to find out if its worth purchasing a pattern). I have got a library too in ravelry which contains patterns that I have purchased/free and they are so handy to have because I refer back to them all the time. Plus, because of Ravelry I have been following 'podcasts' and 'videocasts' which are totally wicked because you see people's projects first hand and in real life. This is the blog I am recently following and she is an avid fan of 'Lord of the Rings'. Does anyone remember the beautiful lace circular shawl that Arwin wore. Well thats the pattern I want to have a go at. Its called 'Evenstar'So watch this space when I start it. (Finger's crossed).
This is my next and final christmas project so I can concentrate on the Evenstar. Its called 'Evergreen' but I have changed some of the pattern to make it a bit easier to introduce other colours. It's a popcorn and lace crochet stitch and am really enjoying it. I hope to get it as big as a lap blanket. Am using Cygnet Double Knit and a 4mm hook. Right, I am off to do some more crocheting before Frank comes in from work. Catch ya later.
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