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Friday, 19 October 2012

This is Tipsy, who is the ripe old age of 12. She has not been the hardest of cat to look after either. She has never ventured out far, only ever gone to the neighbour's garden and any sounds she runs back indoors. I am kind of hoping she puts a little weight on, now that greedy peanut is no longer with us. I miss him terribly but he was a bit of a greedy sod and scoffed his food like there was no tomorrow and then would push tipsy out the way to eat hers. Warning next..I have a tree picture for you cause I just could not resist taking this photo.
Yep, these gorgeous trees are bang in the middle of Parsloes Park and they look great bunched up together. I was tempted to walk over there from the footpath but decided not to because of the wet conditions and didn't want to get my boots dirty.
Here is another picture close up of my favourite tree with its beautiful golden leaves turning. I have seen a load of squirrels too in the park but they are quick little buggers and I can't get a decent photo yet. It has definetely turned bitterly cold now at night, I had to give up and put the heating on a couple of evenings because it felt so chilly. Even with the big blanket on me that I am knitting, I still feel cold.
This is the progress on Charlotte's comfort wrap made with the chunky yarn and size 12 mm needles. God, they make your fingers and wrists ache when your not use to knitting with such big ones. The work you see there is 3 balls so far and I am averaging about 14 rows per ball and around 6 inches in length so not bad. I reckon it will be about 60 inches when completed with the 10 balls that I purchased. I will put it on a wool wash when its done so I am sure it will stretch slightly..I am worried about that but lets face it, it has to be washed. Tammie wasn't impressed with me covering her over with it for a photo shoot but I will treat her later. I haven't really been doing anything else, apart from work and home. I did my jogging Sunday just gone and did 6k and hope to do more this weekend. I finally got delivery of my big recycling brown bin which will be a lot easier than the stupid orange bags the council provided. Apparently, it costs the borough too much for the bags so everyone is given these bins and the collection is now only every two weeks. I will put the bin out the back garden cause there are already two other bins out front and I can't stand that. Oh well, I am going to go and start some housework which is never ending and get fed up with it. I might have a go at making some fudge later, if I do, I will post a picture on here before it all gets scoffed. Bye for now.
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