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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I am winding down now. Got two weeks annual leave soon and can't wait. Really need a break from work.
I crocheted a Hugs & Kisses Pram blanket for a family member's baby due in September. I made 3 panels instead of the 6 to 8 panels. The pattern comes from a book called 'A Year of Afghans'. I was then asked to make a child's play pram set. I did this in a few evenings and its come out really well. I had to re-watch a youtube tutorial to remind myself on how to do the Catherine Wheel Stitch and it didnt take long to remember. I am now going to make a pillow to go with it and possibly, a little pram bag for the two year old to put her dolly nappy in.
I have stopped reading for a while, I just cant get into books at the moment. I love my crocheting even more so now, especially when someone has asked me to make something. I will get my knitting out again soon, I want to carry on with my own design cowl for the autumn. I have also been cooking a lot too and trying to keep the 3 stone off. I have so far, but its not easy. Other than it being extremely hot here and hoping the summer continues into my holidays.
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