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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Crafty Corner


Other than its 9 degrees in my house and I am typing with my fingerless gloves on that I made, there isn't really anything to moan about this week. I know that's not normal for me cause lets face it, we could all spend our days moaning about stuff.


Its been a good week so far at work and a reasonable week at home. Today (Saturday) is very quiet here. My boys are out helping their Dad move to another house with his girlfriend and when I woke up this morning, I felt quite miserable. Dont know why really but I watched a couple of videocasts this morning, one called 'rainlover knits'and another one called 'mommyneedsyarn' They are both about knitting, (what else would they be about) and they cheered me up. I then went and cleaned the house, I cleaned everywhere and when I got to my bedroom, I just stopped. I have left the hoover up there, put the clean laundry away and left the ironing board out for later. I thought, 'theres another day tomorrow' or if the tv is crap again tonight, I might carry on this evening.


I finished the Blooming Flower Cushion and it is sitting on my sofa as I write this. Want to see the back of it that I designed, ok then. Here it is.....I am so pleased with it. I was going to take it to work on Wednesday but the heavens opened so bad that I am glad I didnt take it outside. I walk to work every day, (3 miles) its part of my exercise routine and been doing it for almost a year now. Anyway, the rain poured so bad and the wind blew so hard that I had to hold onto several fences to stop myself from being blown over. By the time I got to work, I was soaked right through and had to ask Laundry Dept to dry my clothes in the dryer. Here's another picture showing you my idea completed (just in case you were wondering about the buttons.

I also got my patchwork quilt out and laid it on my bed to see how much more I have to do. Well, as you can see I have got loads to do. There are 400 hexagons there and after working out that I dont have enough red hexagons left I am going to have to do some tweeking. I put aside the right amount of cream and red hexagons in a bag so I know I have them to make the same edging at the other end but it might end up being a smaller quilt than I wanted. The company that I bought the hexagons from dont do them anymore and its my own fault for taking so long to get round to doing more of the quilt. That'll teach me. Funny thing is, when I started doing the hand sewing, I forgot how much I enjoy it. It is a very slow kind of sewing as anyone can imagine sewing hexagons over papers and then sewing the hexagons together, but at least my quilt will be a one-off that cant be bought in a shop.


Whilst tidying up today I moved a couple of small tables around and made myself a patchwork corner right next to my reclining armchair.
The table is over 30 years old, it was given to me by Aunt Nell who passed away about 19 years ago. Its an old table but its got a lot of memories for me. I also have my yankee candle lit which my friend Jodie gave me for christmas and sitting patiently is my patchwork for tonight.

That's me finished for now....happy crafts and have a good weekend.
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