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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hi y'all

I have had two wonderfull days of work and have been tidying, knitting and watching loads of podcasts. I have also decided to prepare next year's crafts by spending the next few weeks planning a knit or crochet project for each month next year. It will include socks, cardigan, blanket, charity make, child garment, and whatever else I can find to do. Particularly I want to do a lace project of a shawl or something along those lines.

In the meantime, I have made two stockings and a Brainmonster Hat for christmas charity knitting and am still crocheting the riot blanket from King Cole Yarn. I am also having a go at designing a knitted log cabin square...wanna see it so far..
It's a variation of log cabin but because of my experience with patchwork quilts, I thought why not do a twisted log cabin. We shall see how it goes...

On a finishing is known for us brit's to talk about the weather and too right, its gone from 20 degrees (sunny, warm and no need to wear a coat) to 10 degree's in a week and wearing wooly hat, scarf and gloves with a winter coat. It's so crazy this weather, what is going on with it. I have managed to get as far as today without putting the central heating on but tonight, its flipping freezing. So, I am off to fill up my pot of tea and to enjoy chicken and oven chips for dinner.

HAPPY KNITTING Y'ALL (can you guess what blog I have been watching again)
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