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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Peace & Quiet

Update on the jogging...been 5 times in 3 weeks..not very good. My left ankle is killing and am in need of a severe kick up the arse to carry on..probably cause of feeling a bit low but hopefully will snap out of it.

Today however, I treated myself to this..I bought it at Romford Market for £18 which is quite good. Its reversible and is a Kingsize with 2 pillow cases. In actual fact, I worked it out that after 22 years it is my first duvet set, brand new, worked and bought for by me. I am going to have to get myself some more to get rid of the dull colours that I have. I also bought a few bits of cheap make up from the undercover bit of the old Market and had a mooch around the charity shops. Is it me or are they getting as dear as normal clothes shops. Anyway, what else have I been doing. Oh yeah, here it is..I have finished panel 4 of the catherine wheel stitch afghan and am hoping tonight I can sit in my garden, in the quiet without next doors kids making too much noise, and crochet some cream yarn around the edge of the blanket. I have already got another project in my mind to start and have been hunting around for buttons to match the yarn but no luck at the moment. I am intending to either sell the catherine wheel stitch blanket or if no luck, will save it for a christmas present. Oh well, better get my arse in gear and go walk the dog before I do anything's a picture to leave you with. Its some baby moorhens I was feeding over Raphel's Park yesterday.
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