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Saturday, 23 July 2011

No more weekend working

Yep, as of two weeks ago, I do not have to work weekends anymore. Why? Cause I have been offered the job of Administrator (under a 3 month trial for now) and half of me is so excited and the other half of me is saying 'holy crap I have got to be serious now cause I wont be able to moan about being bored anymore'. The day goes so quickly that before you know it your tummy is rumbling cause 4 hours have just gone flying past without realising.

I am now going to focus on my career now and work my way up and not look back so fingers crossed for me. Bye bye activities, hello office.

My mitred blanket I posted about earlier in the month is still going strong. You can see its gradually getting bigger and am just working my way along to get the width I want for it. I dont think its going to become as big as a single bed blanket because I want to get some christmas knitting done soon so maybe a 'snooze blanket' for J so he can be wrapped up and covered in it when he has his nap.

The jogging has slackened to say the least, I am still losing weight (10lbs so far) through walking every day to work and have kept that up for about 2 months now. I am also careful with what I eat (but still have a treat every day). I have increased my fruit in take and make sure that I have a dinner every day (mainly at work). Oh yeah, and I drink a lot of water too.

Other than that I havent really had much going on since I last posted. Unless you want to know about my housework regime which is pretty boring. So, I am off to do a bit of knitting and maybe watch some NCIS. Tara for now..
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