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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Debenhams dear

I went for a stroll around Romford today after having a good lay in. My plan was to look around the market, check in Argos for my Duvet Set that I wanted and have a browse around Debenham's looking for a pair of decent black trousers for work.

Instead, Argos didnt have my duvet set again, it was tiddling down with rain and packed with people dodging brolly's. So I went into Debenham's and didn't realise I was in there 2 hours trying on trousers, bra's and looking at the bedding (ouch). Yep, I say ouch cause even in the sale, a duvet set that I liked in the sale was not only £69 and was gorgeous but it had been £159. Yes, it was a bargain but there is no way I would pay that price (unless I won the lottery).

Anyway, I spent the last half hour looking at the Yankee Candles and votice holders and here they are..the large candle was £18 and called 'fluffy towels'and smells like freshly washed towels and the votice holders were £5 each and I bought 2 vanilla votive candles.

I managed to get home before the town show started up and am now shattered. Walking around one large department store is very tiring on the old feet so now I am going to enjoy another cuppa and do some housework.
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