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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bits and Bobs

I bought these daffs about two weeks ago and they cheered me up greatly. The colour of yellow was so vibrant and they smelled gorgeous. Its such a shame they only last a week.

Its been a busy few weeks and its certainly easier to get up in the morning when the sun in shining to wake you up. I had a good tidy up in the back garden last weekend and its surprising how much clutter you accumilate with pots and junk. This weekend my brother Dave came round and layed some laminate flooring down in my hallway and what a great brother he is. When he left, I painted the fretwork on my radiator cover 'oak leaf' green and it looks very victorian. Will post a picture of it when I get the batteries back from my son.

This is the cardigan I told you about on my last post. Its called 'Mr Greenjeans' but I did it in pink. It only took 250g of acrylic yarn. I finished it about two days ago and am waiting to block it. Its knitted from the top down and is so much better to knit like this. It saves all that worrying whether its going to fit or not.

I was on a bit of a 'mojo loss' with my crafts for a few days but I bought the issue 16, Inside Crochet and started a 'star blanket'. Its going good so far but the pattern is a bit confusing. I think its got a few errors on it and I ended up doing what I thought the designer meant plus I kept looking closely at the picture. It seems to be working out ok.

Anyway, I am off to potter about a bit. Its been really sunny the past week and its just started raining and feeling rather chilly so off to make a cuppa. Catch ya all later.
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